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Discover the story and worlof Kyle

'You are too weak, Kyle!'

~ Ania ~

Is there a worse sentence a young woman could say to a young man?


Kyle ist a young outsider, a daydreamer and a never-do-well.


And Ania, the first love of his life breaks his heart with those cruel words, just before she turns to the rich merchant. Now where can Kyle turn to? Where to flee?

Kyl's love Ania


'With friends like us you don't need any foes!'

~ Finley ~

Kyles path leads him to the city of Calhuh, capital of the realm of Calhuh. And here, together with his fellow companions Finley, Laura and Rosario they are tossed into a world of intrigues, treason, hatred and burning passion.


But Calhuh isn't only the centre of power and trade, it is also a nexus of vice, of thieves, scallywags and whores.


Thus they seem to fit in, as Kyles new friends are swashbuckler, brawler and heartbreaker. Unfortunately for their opponents that rebellious lot just seems to be to reluctant to die...

An when Kyles dark side leads him to the quarter of the whores and thieves his true path unfolds before him...

Alexandras Zelt



Aa world at the turn of the tide...

Map of the kingdom Calhuh

Skartaria & Calhuh
The world of Kyle is a world of change, similar to the end of our Middle Ages and the dawn of the Rennaissance. The 'old world' is fading away and the time of men begins. Elves are a dying dynasty and creatures like dragons are creatures of myth and the dreams of young Kyle.

myth of elves and dragons


Here we have an era during which the great realms, led by those of ad'Lanthyar, push the elder nations away and strive for dominion.

It is also a world in which magic is retreating, just a secret art mingled more and more with superstition. But still, true magic, wild magic is out there, even if there are just a few who know how to conjure it.

Mountain range of Obiskara

The elves of the highlands, having pushed back by the invading humans, now living beyond the icy peaks of the mountain range of Obiskara, know about the secrets of magic.

And here it is where our story begins...




Creating worlds is my passion!

I'd like to invite you to discover the world of Kyle!


The World of Kyle is a more 'realistic' world. A world, wherein injuries can be fatal and diseases create fear. And over all these natural things the lust for power and political agendas form the shape of these realms.


The World of Kyle is a living thing, changing, organic, be it the regions who have formed aover the course of millenia, or the kingdoms, cities and villages with their own languages and dialects. Or the cultural backgrounds of the complec characters.

Creating worlds of my own, locations and languages, cultures and conventions, is something I am doing for a many years now and with sincere passion. As Lead Game Designer I designed story and world for the action-RPG SACRED (2004), for the videogame blockbuster of the FARCRY-brand I had the honor to write the official novels, FARCRY - Götterdämmerung (2007) and FARCRY 2 - Blutige Diamanten (2008), enriching the backgrounds and plots. For the official RUNES OF MAGIC-novels, Shareena (2010), Asiya (2011) and Iszma (2012) I envisioned new heroes and creatures.


I wish you a lot of fun while discovering the world of Kyle,


Michael T. Bhatty



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