I am Michael T. Bhatty, a professor for game design at the MediaDesign Hochschule in Düsseldorf, focussing on Game Directing, Narrative Design and historical Serious Games. I got my doctorate in 1999 for my dissertation on interactive story telling. 

I am also an author for fantasy, action and science fiction topics, have been an active Lead Game Designer or Game Director,  and a Chief Executive Producer in the German games industry; also I have been  a 'gun for hire' as game design and narrative consultant, as well as an independent movie maker and screenplay writer.

In recent years I focus on my calling as a fantasy novelist, writing my epic tal, called the  Kyle Saga. 

This website provides an overview to my professional work, my Track Record at Artstation while my Wordpress-blog focusses on personal insights and trivia regarding narrative design.

Prof. Dr. Michael Bhatty a.k.a. Michael T. Bhatty

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Podcast: Gamify the World!
Gamification in civil and military applications.
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