+++ Novel RUNES OF MAGIC: Asiya released on 12th April 2011 +++
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RUNES OF MAGIC - Iszma brings the tale of the fightress Shareena and her friend, the priestess Asiya to its conclusion by letting a strange and dark hero emerge from the 'shadows of Varanas': Iszma, rogue, thief, assassin.

Being to the edge, close to that dark abyss of her soul, a redhaired beauty, a sensual dancer and poison-using avenger of the 'fallen ones' is confronted with a nightmare. The dead are rising. Apparitions of a dark foe, hiding in shadow and flame... and time.

Iszma is the third book of my Legends-series for RUNES OF MAGIC. It is dark and bloody finale of Shareena and Asiya, as this tale solves all those questions and plots initiated in the first two books. Again we will dive even deeper into dark secrets, into desire, lust and passion in this magical realm...

As I did for book #1, Shareena, Again I traveled through the world, Candara and northern Zandarya, the second continent where the elves of the Jyr'na dwell and the dead... well, you will see!



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RUNES OF MAGIC - Iszma features another virtual animal. This time the reader/player gets Iszma's snake (look at the the cover).

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