+++ Novel RUNES OF MAGIC: Asiya released on 12th April 2011 +++
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RUNES OF MAGIC - Asiya continues the tale of the priestess Asiya and her friend Shareena, protagonist of the first novel.

Dark forces capture the torn und selfdoubting Asiya. While Shareena and Samuel try to save her friend, Asiya meets a dark mentor, pulling her closer to the abyss of her soul, while unlocking hidden powers in the darkhaired beauty.

Asiya is the second book of my Legends-series for RUNES OF MAGIC. It is darker than Shareena as this is the act of crisis and conflict. In this tale we dive deeper into those dark secrets, into desire and passion but also in cruellness and bloodlust of seductive forces in this magical realm...

As I did for book #1, Shareena, I travelled through the world, this time through Zandarya, the lsecond continent where the elves of the Jyr'na dwell...



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RUNES OF MAGIC - Asiya features another virtual animal. This time the reader/player gets the winged lion Aurelius (look at the the cover), companion of Asiya on her adventures. While the ferett Jonesy was a pet, Aurelius is a steed which will allow riding.

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