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RUNES OF MAGIC - Shareena (in German) features the tale of the young pionier girl Shareena, who is forced to turn wayward after her best friend has been raped and she killed the villain.

Becoming a slave Shareena survives as a gladiator, still carrying a secret with herself, which brings the murderous sect of the Zhurhidon onto her heels.

But at last she finds allies in her quest, the noble knight Fantur, the magician Samuel and Asiya a healer.



  A very cool feature of RUNES OF MAGIC - Shareena is the ingame-item. With each copy of my novel player of Runes of Magic receive a pet, Jonesy, the ferett Shareena gets during her adventures.  

For RUNES OF MAGIC - Shareena I traveled a lot through Candara, first continent of the MMO-RPG. Thus I learned how the game worked, how the look and feel of that new universe was supposed to be. I envisioned three parts already when I started with the first book, so Shareena ist the first one, followed by her fried Asiya, a healer and for book three... well, we will see that, if it shall come one day...

Reading and audio extracts

There is an extract available from Panini as well as an audio reading. Have fun and enjoy. RUNES OF MAGIC - Shareena is available in German only for now.

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