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FARCRY - Blutige Diamanten (in German; means 'Bloody Diamonds' in the meaning of 'blood-stained') is a war tale of the cruelties happening right now in Central Africa.

The young vet Paula travels through the civil-war-ridden Central Africa when her plane crashes after an attack. Unknown to her there is a package on the plane which brings troups of cruel mercenaries to her heels, hunting her like an animal.

But Paula, a lady with a dark past herself, had once a special mentor, Zam, the same CIA-instructor Jack Carver had in Götterdämmerung. Now the hunted turns into a cunning predator herself...

While FARCRY - Götterdämmerung tells the story of Jack Carver as it has been in the first game, I used another protagonist here. FARCRY 2 - Blutige Diamanten doesn't retell the game's story but provides the prequel. Actually my novel ends excactly where the game begins.

What Idid here was enriching the background of that Central African War topic. I did a lot of research on the cruelties of war and war-crimes in several countries and put them into this novel. It is not without coincidence that my protagonist Paula suffered from a brutall rape, which inevitably becomes her driving force...

To deal with those topics dates back to my university studys of literature: In American and British war literature as well as in several Native American, New Zealandian and Australian Native literature there is an open style of saying things... I prefer that rather to closing the eyes.



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