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FARCRY - Götterdämmerung (in German; means 'twilight of the gods' from the norse myth) tells the story of Jack Carver, a former special agent of the CIA, who is forced back into a line of work from which he had retired after suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder, a severe illness common to frontline soldiers).

Journalist Valerie hires Jack to take him to an isolated pacific island and when mercenaries sink his ship and capture Valerie, Jack does what he can do best... even if it awakens a demonic force of his psyche he sought to surpress for such a long time...






FARCRY - Götterdämmerung ist a written shooter, thus targeting an audience of 18+. The story of book one retells the story of the game and enriches it with flashbacks, so we learn more about the origins of Jack Carver and his demons.

One interesting thing about the action in the book is this - it is often my way of playing, therefore several sequences were those I experienced while playing the game... without god mode and hard settings;-)


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Read the first pages of this exiciting novel, set in the modern Pacific area.
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