+++ the printed version of AZARYA is available at Amazon since April 2013 +++
+++ the ebook AZARYA is available at Amazon since X-Mas 2012 +++
   +++  The first book of the KYLE SAGA will be coming at X-Mas 2013 +++  

AZARYA: Dark Passion Tales I - Azarya Rising tells the tale of Azarya , a sultry woman, bewitching, who uses her passion and sexuality to haunt men. Hunt men. Certain men...

The official ebook teaser, 2013.

The official print teaser, 2013.


I thank the artists Ms Sandra Püttner and Ms Anca Adelina Finta for their interpretations of scenes from the book.





Read the ebook excerpt at Amazon (English, 18+). or have a sneak peak into the printed book at Amazon (English, 18+).  

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